About The Bloom Equation

When Victorians got flowers, they understood that they were getting a secret message to be unveiled, a flower puzzle if you will. Back then, it was understood that every flower was a message to be decoded. Flowers as coded messages!? 

Yes. We're here bringing that back.

What makes The Bloom Equation different is that we are the only company that uses the lost language of flowers to add fun and connection to your world. With customer service that is truly personal, we make sure your creations are exactly what you need in your life.

How it Works

There are many ways to use the language of flowers to create something special. Choose the way that works best for you!

  1. Have a conversation with us about your relationship (or desired relationship) and we'll listen carefully to be able to translate your love/gratitude into the language of flowers. 
  2. Choose a vessel from our Flower Shop and scroll through the drop down menu to pick the perfect message. 
  3. Use our database to translate a message into flowers yourself.

Create Meaning with Flowers

Using The Language of Flowers Database

How to Find the Meaning of Any Flower

We've included every meaning we could find for every flora we could find in the Flower Meaning database so that YOU can choose which meaning to use depending on the message you are trying to create. 

To identify each meaning, we've numbered them. "Cure for a broken heart" is Yarrow's second meaning, for instance. If you want to use it, you'd write "Yarrow2". 

To create a longer message, consider adding other flower meanings. To add "love" you could write: Rose1  +  Yarrow2.

The Bloom Equation founder talks about the language of flowers and how she was moved to bring it back.

A Word from the Founder

I believe that, coupled with the language of flowers, flora can become a beautiful way to connect people while bringing more fun into their daily lives. With The Bloom Equation, I want to create experiences that are nothing short of magical. 

And I want to create them daily. For everyone I love and people that I will never even meet. 

That's how this company got started-- I had to do it at least for my loved ones. And then I had to make a website, so I could reach people I didn't know. And then I had to go on Kickstarter to push The Bloom Equation to become the flourishing, world-touching thing of beauty that I knew it could be. 

Small Business Award Passion Co. The Bloom Equation

The Small Business Award

I knew that The Bloom Equation was in store for big things when we won the Small Business Award at the Passion Co.'s Start Conference. 

And now, here are. With a Passion Co. Small Business Award, Kickstarter's "Project We Love" mark of distinction, and successful crowdfunding at 144%,  The Bloom Equation has shown that there is a place in the world for our kind of magic. We're a young company with a lot of growing to do, but we know that with your help, The Bloom Equation will continue to bring fun and connection into more and more lives using the lost language of flowers. 


Miquila (Mika) Alejandre

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