One Stem at a Time

Honestly, it's a little nerve-wracking. This last time, I had to take a seat on a parklet to build up the courage. (Meanwhile my videographer literally danced in front of me, the flowers I was going to hand out extended in her right arm, her left leg parallel to the sidewalk.) 

I used to be shy, yes. I don't use that word to describe myself anymore. I think sometimes it just takes me an introspective minute to remember that the world is my oyster (it is yours, too) and, as my first recipient reminded me, "All they can say is 'No.'"

The $1 reward tier for our Kickstarter gave backers the opportunity to send an uplifting message in a single stem to strangers in the Bay Area. As of two weeks ago, I've begun fulfilling that reward, on camera, so backers can see who they've touched.

"Can I give you a flower?" That's what I lead with. Sometimes they do say no. I think people think I'm selling something. Mostly though, I think people are caught off-guard and sometimes suspicious of human kindness.

But, I also do really believe that that can change. 

One stem at a time...

PS- This is a video from my first round. Check back next week for the next installment :)