“A hui hou” (until we meet again)

I remember hearing stories when I was younger from my mom about the flowers of Hawaii and how beautiful she recalled them being when she was living on Oahu. Luckily in my own travels many years later I finally got to experience the illustrious flowers of Hawaii for myself.

And yes, they really are a beautiful as my mom said they were.

The one flower I found on the island that became my favorite is the Plumeria. These flowers come in a few colors but are most commonly white with a yellow center or are a vibrant magenta. Plumerias are often used in leis to celebrate special occasions, but are very popular flowers to wear in your hair.

Wearing the flower in your hair can have symbolic meaning, reflecting your relationship status. If worn in the hair over the right ear, that is a sign that you are available, but if over the left then you are taken.

Let’s bring this tradition to the mainland, whose with me?


Blog post and photo by Morgan Williams