A Pregnant Pause: The Seven Best Flowers for Expectant Moms

Pregnancy Portrait by Karolina Zapoloska

Pregnancy Portrait by Karolina Zapoloska

The Bloom Equation’s founder, Miquila (Mika) Alejandre Romero, and her husband, Jesus, are expecting their first child in December. Which is why it’s the perfect time to share the seven best flowers for expectant Moms.

Mika runs The Bloom Equation, a San Francisco-based floral company. Jesus is a viticulturist in the Napa-Sonoma Wine Country. So they’re both in the business of growing businesses––and now a family.

Is It a Boy? Or Is It a Girl?

Actually, they’ve been so busy with everything else that’s going on, that they’ve chosen not to discover the baby’s sex until it’s born.

Some people just can’t wait to find out. Others want to wait. And the latter is a very millennial thing to do (think: gender reveal parties).


How “The Language of Flowers” Complements The Seven Best Flowers

The Bloom Equation is the only company using the lost “Language of Flowers” in every one of its designs. This concept dates back to the Victorian age.

When people received flowers, they knew it was a secret message like a floral puzzle that would later be revealed by the sender. Pretty enticing. Pretty smart. Pretty sexy.

In fact, Mika has created the world’s most comprehensive database for it. So while Mika and her husband don’t want to know if they should paint their nursery blue or pink, she doesn’t want to wait to share this blog about the seven best flowers for expectant Moms.

They include:


best flowers for new moms

1. Chrysanthemums – “Long Life / Cheerfulness / Optimism”
“Mum’s the word” when you first discover that you’re pregnant, but then you want to shout it from the rooftops and tell the whole world. “Mum” is also a British slang term for “Mom”.

Chrysanthemums are a mighty bloom that are among the most popular flowers  and can provide endless possibilities. They mean: You are a wonderful friend… long life… fidelity… cheerfulness… optimism… joy… joviality… and mirth.


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2. Baby’s Breath – “Happiness / Everlasting Love / Festivity / Pure Heart”
A newborn’s breath is magical. It’s like a wisp of heaven. It’s feels like an angel is inhaling and exhaling – sweet and light and warm.

Baby’s breath flowers are most found alongside roses in a bridal bouquet or in a Valentine’s Day garland, but more than worthy of their own vase. They connote: happiness… everlasting love… festivity… pure heart… and gaiety.


gifts to welcome new baby

3. Queen Anne’s Lace – “Fantasy / Haven / Delicate Femininity”
Not exactly royalty, Queen Ace’s Lace is actually a wildflower that some think originated in Afghanistan, then spread across Europe and eventually to America. It was once considered a nuisance weed in New England.

But it’s also known as Wild Carrot, so its white flower head is edible raw or lightly fried, while you can use its seeds in soups, stews, and teas. Queen Anne’s Lace means fantasy… complexity… delicate femininity… haven or sanctuary… protection... and I’ll return for mothers expecting their own bundle of joy.

flowers to welcome new baby

4. Pink Roses – “Grace / Beauty / Lovely”
Most closely associated with classic love for Valentine’s Day, pink roses come in a rainbow of shades and convey different meanings. Dark pink equals an expression of gratitude; medium pink was for your first lover; and light pink was to express admiration.

Pink Roses were the first rose color that was cultivated. And during the Victorian years, they were folded into greeting cards or used in other ways, such as wallpaper. They stand for grace… beauty…. gentleness… a young girl… or you are just lovely!


new moms flower meanings

5. Pink Tulips – “Love / Imagination / Dreaminess”
While most people think tulips sprung from the fertile northern European country best known for wooden shoes, windmills, ice skating, and bicycles, they really hail from Southern Europe to Central Asia. In fact, the name is thought to be Persian for “turban” because it resembles that headwear.

Pink tulips are appropriate for a friend or family member to convey good wishes, caring, or attachment. While tulips in general stand for “perfect love”,  pink tulips represent love… imagination... and dreaminess for a mother who is full of flower.

say welcome new baby flowers

6. Violets – “Faithfulness / Loyalty / Let Me Love You / Sweetness”

Some girls are named “Violet”. An eastern state’s sports team is called the “NYU Violets”. And a Sea Violet is a species of edible Mediterranean marine invertebrates.  

Violets have been around since the Middle Ages, but went mainstream around 1850 when flower names became popular. They’re vibrantly colored, sweetly fragrant, are most often found in blue or purple, but can also be yellow, white or variegated.


Common meanings for violets include modesty, faithfulness… simplicity… humility… I return your love… loyalty… let me love you!... you occupy my thoughts… sweetness… rural happiness… candor… spotless innocence… and purity of sentiment.

welcome baby with flowers

7. Star-of-Bethlehem – “Hope / Purity / Guidance”
Last, but certainly not least, the Star-of-Bethlehem has a very holiday-sounding name. Mostly native to southern Europe and southern Africa, it’s also known as Ornithogalum, a genus of perennial plants.

Named after the shape of the stars that appeared low in the sky during the biblical birth of the baby Jesus in the town of Bethlehem, it can grow up to 30cm tall, bear clusters of typically white star-shaped flowers, often have green stripes, and number between 50 and 300 species.

In the Language of Flowers, the Star-of-Bethlehem connotes hope… purity… and guidance, which are all representative of what expectant mothers expect from a plant.


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So now that you know the seven best flowers for expectant Moms, contact The Bloom Equation (415-484-9884) to order a gift that uses the one that best fits your personality.

By the way, whether you’re about to add to your family or not, The Bloom Equation designs arrangements, gifts, parties, weddings, and team-building events that are beautiful, personal, creative, and fun.