Fall Fun List

fall fun (2).jpg

It’s fall! The beginning of fall/end of summer is my favorite time of the year. Living in the SF Bay Area, this season usually includes are warmest days and the first crispy winter days in one! It’s a magical time.

I am big on lists. And making the most of my time. Now that I have a beautiful little baby girl, things require more planning that I’m use to implementing in my personal life.

To make sure we get to knock out a bunch of fun, seasonal things together this autumn, I’ve created a pretty template to jot down all the exciting things I want to do. I chose maple leaves because they mean “beauty” and that’s the feeling I want to evoke this season by getting this list together. So much beauty.

Want to see what I’ve got planned? Some, I’m pumped to be able to do as a little family. Others, I’m looking forward to doing with a friend or two to get a little Me-Time in.

fall fun list free printable

I’ve included two printable templates (grids for those of us who like to write all over the page and ruled lines for those of us who want to keep it simple) and my own, completed list (feel free to steal ideas!) when you sign up for our email list.

Let me tell you a thing about our email list…. usually it gets sent out once a month. BUT lately… it’s gotten sent out twice a year. Yeah, basically since I became super pregnant around this time last year, emails have gotten far and few between. But! Fun stuff is in the works and I hope to get it back on a monthly schedule. It will not be more than monthly— I like to make it a fun little treat for your inbox every month.

I’d love to see your list or just see what you get into! Use the hashtag #fallfunlist and tag us on Instagram @bloomequation to join us in the festivities.

Baby Bo and I are very much looking forward to sharing fun fall activities with you!

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