16 SWEET DIY Flower Crown Halloween Costume Ideas for Women, Men and Kids!

Because we all need more excuses to walk around with flowers in our hair, here's a list of some awesome 'stumes to try this month! (Bonus! Halloween's on Monday, which means you can have a crazy fit for Saturday's parties and a more work-approp choice for Monday!)

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16 SWEET DIY Flower Crown  Halloween Costume Ideas for Everyone!


1. Bacchus, God of Wine

bacchus god.JPG

Don a gorgeous crown AND carry a pitcher of wine around all night?!? Could you ask for anything more from a Halloween costume? 



2. Dia De Los Muertos

What if you could pull of a Dia De Los Muertos 'stume without the elaborate face make up? We think this look does it pretty well. A skull, flowers and no expensive paint (because the cheap stuff doesn't cut it-- believe me, I've tried)? Frighteningly cool. 


Note: The ones pictured are fake flowers (we didn't make this) so we'd get to choose a fresh substitute together.


3. A Flower Girl

Hear me out on this one-- who hasn't at one point wished their whole job could be to skip around nonchalantly tossing beautiful petals at their feet to the cooing admiration of everyone around them?

It's time to fulfill your childhood dream of being a flower girl. We can even throw in the petals for your basket (NOT joking).  





4.  Marie Antoinette 

This queen was known for her elaborate headdresses-- flowers, feathers, birds, you name it. Now you just have to decide if you want to be the gorgeous painting version or sexy Sophia Coppola variety. Decisions, decisions...


5. Any Art Noveau Painting

Speaking of beautiful paintings, how about one of the Art Nouveau beauties? There are so many to choose from! 





6. Frida

A classic and by far our most popular flower-crown request... which is awesome, because if anyone deserves to be emulated, its definitely Frida Kahlo. Did you know that she arrived at her first art show by ambulance? She had gangrene and had to have her foot amputated! Talk about tough as nails. What a woman!


7. A High Fashion Runway Model

Love getting super dressed up/ looking super glamorous but can never think of an excuse to do it? Here's your answer!

Surprised that this is a thing? Search "flower crown runway" and you'll be sold. 





8. A Woodland Fawn or Anything Midsummer Night's Dream -ish

Woodland creatures a la Shakespeare are adorably mischievous...  and I have to admit, I want to be one of them.

Secret-divulging time! I once tried to make this the theme for my birthday party, but the parents veto-ed it--who knows why! :) Anyway, I'm seriously thinking about making up for that missed opportunity this year.

When we talk about A Midsummer Night's Dream, we have to include fairies! Fairies are a tried and true costume favorite that only gets better with a flower crown.



9. A Plant!

Quick and Dirty: think green clothes with branches and leaves glued all over them place, topped off with a lush green (maybe even flowery) crown.

For the more patient and detail-oriented: Something like this picture, topped off with a crown of course. (BTW, those are REAL petals on her.) 


10. Autumn Nymph

So you say Autumn is your favorite season? Prove it. BE it! Here's an elaborate example for you. Personally, we love the incorporation of bare branches and twigs. 


11. Lana Del Rey

Isn't this crown the best? Pink roses for days. And pink roses mean so many awesome things: perfect happiness, you're so lovely, friendship... There are fifteen total meanings for them in our language of flowers database, not including them in rosebud form!

If you want to walk around with the lost language of flower's flower power, this is a great choice!


12. Mother Nature

There's SO MUCH you can do with this one, but here are a few beautiful and diverse examples.


13. A Hippy

For this explanation, a song:

"If you're going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
If you're going to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some gentle people there

For those who come to San Francisco
Summertime will be a love-in there
In the streets of San Francisco
Gentle people with flowers in their hair..."

I Heart San Francisco.


14. A Greek God

To toga or not to toga? THAT is the question.


15. The Corpse Bride

This one's fun! The crown lends itself to dried flowers easily-- which means you can re-wear the crown and have it look exactly the same as the day it was made.






16. A Victorian 

If we're being honest, Victorians wore more than just flowers in their hair. They wore them on their wrists, on their necks, on their clothing... it was a big time for flowers! And, our favorite fact: it was the language of flowers' heyday! Yes, at that time, every home had a language of flowers dictionary, so don't forget yours when you don this 'stume! Don't have one? You can leave the page bloomequation.com/flowers (the most comprehensive language of flowers database in existence) open on your phone. Bonus if you spend the night translating meanings into the language of flowers for your friends!

Since the lost VICTORIAN language of flowers is kind of our thing, we had to add several images for this one. Check out the crown of calla lilies-- it's our fave! 


No matter which 'stumes you choose to don this year, remember that all flower crowns can have the added sentimental and magical bonus of a being imbued with meaning according to the language of flowers!

You can...

  • look the  meanings up and DIY a crown yourself (a few entries back you'll find a crown-base making tutorial and you can find all the meanings on bloomequation.com/flowers),
  • allow us the pleasure of doing it all for you by ordering a specific flower crown in advance,
  • or come in to The Bloom Equation workspace for a private lesson for you and two friends where you'll enjoy a drink/snacks and leave with a beautiful, meaningful, flower crown that's perfect for you!

Here's to your best costume yet!