Mystery Mailers

We get a lot of questions regarding these little beauties, so I thought I'd take time to explain in a post. 

Mystery Mailers are little packets of specially dried flowers. Just like our bouquets, they come with an equation made up of the names and hidden meanings behind each blossom. The answer to these equations is old school cereal-box style: hidden inside the confetti of goodness.  The packets are constructed from real newspaper from California in the 1920s.

Like with our bouquets, the idea behind the equation is that the recipient goes into the flower database to poetically decode their message. Unlike our bouquets, however, they can choose to immediately find the answer inside the package itself. Our thoughts behind this? We wanted a self-contained product that we could sell in boutiques.   

You can design your own message (5 words or less) and we'll figure out the flowers to poetically add up to your message or choose from one of our premade messages: I want you, I like you, thanks a billion!, birthday wishes, you are loved, congrats on your engagement, and you rock! Our most popular hidden messages are "birthday wishes" and "You rock!" 

So, what do you think? We're especially not sure about the name "Myster Maielrs" and are looking for suggestions. Should it have "message" in the title?  If we choose your suggested name, or some variation of your name, we'll send you a special gift to say thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you!