How about a "hug" in the form of a chance to win awesome prizes?


What an adventurous summer this has been! (My summer's included making "change" and "adventure" synonymous, as a coping mechanism.) We've expanded into the office world with customized closing gifts, started working with TWO powerful business coaches, welcomed our first amazing intern, hosted our first flower crown workshops, finally joined Snapchat, and revamped almost every page of to appeal to every communication style! Wow!

Life has been busy. In the midst of all that adventure maybe you felt forgotten about, what with the missing August newsletter and all. Beloved Bloom-Es, nothing could be further from the truth. And, in lieu of the ability to give you a confirming hug, I'm going to you a sweet something. 

And that sweet something is being automatically entered in a sweet raffle. If you're on this mailing list--and if you're not, just fill in your email in the "Subscribe" space below--you're automatically entered into a raffle to get 1 of 5 prizes, including  a Customized Puzzle Bouquet delivery ($56 value) and a Customized Flower Message in a Bottle necklace ($44 value)

Want more chances to win? You got it! To enter yourself into the raffle again and again:

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In the comments of a "Flower Up For Free post", tag someone you'd give the prize to (if you didn't keep it for yourself!) 

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