Our Newfound Love: Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities for the Win

high office turn out team building activity

We recently led a team building activity at an awesome startup in San Francisco. Good eats, good drinks, so much fun! 

"Tacos, Tequila, and Terrariums" (as their adorable office manager dubbed the event) boasted a 75% office turn out-- their highest voluntary team building activity yet!

terrarium building station
terrarium team building workshop

For our part, we created a Terrarium Building Station and, after bellies had been filled, called the team over to lead them in a workshop we designed to teach staff about the language of flowers and how to use it to create super unique terrariums. 

It was the first such event I'd ever put on, and I used the term "team building" lightly--- it was something fun for the team to do together to build rapport. 

team building activities san francisco

We had such a good time and it was such a success that I thought, "This is something I'd love to do more often. How can I make it even better?" So I started looking up what it means to put together the most effective team building activities. 


Four Types of Team Building Activities

communication building team building activities

1. Communication activities

2. Problem solving and/or decision making activities

3. Adaptability and/or planning activities

4. Trust building activities


Since The Bloom Equation is all about using floriography to communicate via flower meanings-- and, more importantly: to help people spread love & gratitude in a way that feels safe-- I knew right away that communication and trust based team building activities would naturally work well for us.

We're so grateful for our experience with the amazing San Francisco based startup, Chartboost, for opening our eyes to the amazing world of workplace team building. Our Happy Hour Workshop there was so much fun that we couldn't wait to do another! 

team building activities to build trust
fun team building activities the whole staff comes out for
san francisco bay area team building activity

In fact, stay tuned for a special team building activity we have blooming. It's a trust building activity we like to call "Appreciation Arrangements."