“A hui hou” (until we meet again)

I remember hearing stories when I was younger from my mom about the flowers of Hawaii and how beautiful she recalled them being when she was living on Oahu. Luckily in my own travels many years later I finally got to experience the illustrious flowers of Hawaii for myself.

And yes, they really are a beautiful as my mom said they were.

The one flower I found on the island that became my favorite is the Plumeria. These flowers come in a few colors but are most commonly white with a yellow center or are a vibrant magenta. Plumerias are often used in leis to celebrate special occasions, but are very popular flowers to wear in your hair.

Wearing the flower in your hair can have symbolic meaning, reflecting your relationship status. If worn in the hair over the right ear, that is a sign that you are available, but if over the left then you are taken.

Let’s bring this tradition to the mainland, whose with me?


Blog post and photo by Morgan Williams


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How about a "hug" in the form of a chance to win awesome prizes?


What an adventurous summer this has been! (My summer's included making "change" and "adventure" synonymous, as a coping mechanism.) We've expanded into the office world with customized closing gifts, started working with TWO powerful business coaches, welcomed our first amazing intern, hosted our first flower crown workshops, finally joined Snapchat, and revamped almost every page of bloomequation.com to appeal to every communication style! Wow!

Life has been busy. In the midst of all that adventure maybe you felt forgotten about, what with the missing August newsletter and all. Beloved Bloom-Es, nothing could be further from the truth. And, in lieu of the ability to give you a confirming hug, I'm going to you a sweet something. 

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Something to Smile About

Today's experience of giving out meaningful flowers was my best yet... even if my phone memory did fill up before I could give away all the flowers I had planned to give away today. 

The news (and my Facebook feed) have been particularly heartbreaking lately. I offer this video as something to smile about.

There's so much to love about how these kids (I didn't purposefully give exclusively to kids, but they happen to be the people I got to film before I couldn't film anymore) receive the message of their blossom. I love all of their reactions, but I have to say that my favorite might be when I say "it means, 'Joy'" and the girl's face immediately changes to reflect joy, as though that message were meant just for her today. 

Love Me Some Lavender

Happy July!

Ahhh Summer! Time to relax and unwind in the sunshine... or fog, if you happen to be in San Francisco like us. 

Either way, 'tis the season to be chill. And we have just the thing to help with that! We are giving our subscribers a free satchel of fragrant Lavender with each item purchased through our shop in July; just use the code "Lavender" in the note section of your purchase to claim yours! 

Lavender is an herb whose flower and oils have been used to heal for centuries. Most people are familiar with its use for relaxation, but did you know that it has also been known to give people the courage to share their whole, true selves with others? 

As I write this morning, I have a jar full of dried lavender in front of me and 3 drops of Lavender oil on my throat and solar plexus. I adore the smell. This, in itself, may be telling. I've been reading that we are naturally attracted to the scents of flowers and herbs that we need for healing. This innate ability to intuitively heal oneself without fabricated medicine fascinates me. 

According to Emotions and Essential Oils, "Lavender encourages emotional honesty and insists that one speak their innermost thoughts and desires." Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind when I read that is my brothers and how hard it seems to be for them to share their innermost thoughts and feelings. Then I remember that old adage "You spot it; you got it."

My most poignant reminder of my secret struggle with deep communication comes from an experience in a writer's workshop during graduate school. The structure is such that the writer sits silently and listens while her classmates and professor analyze and dissect the piece. My awakening came when someone commented, "But what is the character thinking? We never hear her thoughts." The story was largely autobiographical and, up until that point, I had believed my thoughts and feelings were splayed across every page. 

They weren't. 

Sometimes, hiding looks like smiling and making pleasantries. Sometimes you can write a whole book about your life and still not get vulnerable. I remember defending my right to not get vulnerable at a personal growth workshop once. The staff smiled and laughed, filled with tenderness and overcome by the fact that I had not experienced the liberation of vulnerability: "It is through open communication that an individual experiences unconditional love and acceptance," (43). Unconditional love and acceptance! Pretty major. 

I am making progress. I am a lot more open than I used to be, and I continue to push myself. This blog is pushing myself. I haven't written anything this openly honest in at least a year, maybe more. Maybe it was the Lavender's doing. I don't doubt it. 


Want some Lavender of your own? To get a free Lavender satchel with each purchase, enter the code "Lavender" into the note section of your order. Click here to be taken to the flower shop. 



Emotions and Essential Oils. American Fork: Enlighten Alternative Healing, LLC. Book.

Web MD. Retrieved 2016, July 8. 

Hartman, Stacy. Success Masters. podcast retrieved 2016, June 30. 



Stems for Strangers Part III + a Challenge (& PRIZE!) for You

Stems for Strangers has slowed to make space for the rest of our Kickstarter rewards. To be honest, this video itself is super delayed. I took this on my walk to, during, and walk home from a meet and greet with Outschool.com, a company I work with to bring the lost language of flowers to kids. That was a couple weeks ago now! 

That was a good experience. As you can see from the video, everyone was happy to get their gift (a lot more wanted these special meaning-imbued flowers than were willing to show up on camera!)

There isn't a video of it, but I also went to the Financial District to spread the flower love in the past couple weeks. That was a more challenging experience. Not a single person on the street would even TAKE a flower! It was a little disheartening, to tell the truth. My step-mom actually was sweet enough to join me for that experience, and she think we'd have a better shot if we stood on the corner with a basket filled with flowers and let people come to us. I think it's worth a shot. 

Until next time, a challenge (and a prize!) for you to start spreading some love, fun and connection yourself!

  1.  Pick/buy a single stem of any flower
  2.  Look up its meanings in our flower meaning database
  3. Pick a meaning to imbue it with
  4. Hold it in your hand and say the meaning in your head. 
  5. Present the imbued flower to someone. Preferably a stranger! Say, "This is the gift of ___________, according to the lost language of flowers." 
  6. Ask them if you can film them receiving the flower (Yeah, that probably means you'll have to do it all over again. It's quick!) 
  7. Post the video to Instagram with a caption that includes "Using the lost language of flowers to spread more love/fun/connection" (you can also just choose one of the three-- love, fun or connection) and tag @bloomequation. Alternatively, post it to Facebook (same caption) and tag our page, The Bloom Equation.
  8. We'll contact you within the week to let you choose your prize! 

Love to you all!

Stems for Strangers Part II & Thoughts on Tees

Just putting up the second installment of Stems for Strangers and already thinking/feeling anxious about the third! 

My brother made a good point-- wearing The Bloom Equation gear (like a shirt or sweater) while I do this would be super smart. I have some ideas for clothing that follow in the same vein as the image we used for our Kickstarter:

Except, more like my friend Anthony suggested, with the flower meanings. SOOO I WISH I was wearing some cool Bloom Equation gear in these videos, but... maybe next time. 

Thanks again to our Kickstarter backers, without you this wouldn't have been possible!

One Stem at a Time

Honestly, it's a little nerve-wracking. This last time, I had to take a seat on a parklet to build up the courage. (Meanwhile my videographer literally danced in front of me, the flowers I was going to hand out extended in her right arm, her left leg parallel to the sidewalk.) 

I used to be shy, yes. I don't use that word to describe myself anymore. I think sometimes it just takes me an introspective minute to remember that the world is my oyster (it is yours, too) and, as my first recipient reminded me, "All they can say is 'No.'"

The $1 reward tier for our Kickstarter gave backers the opportunity to send an uplifting message in a single stem to strangers in the Bay Area. As of two weeks ago, I've begun fulfilling that reward, on camera, so backers can see who they've touched.

"Can I give you a flower?" That's what I lead with. Sometimes they do say no. I think people think I'm selling something. Mostly though, I think people are caught off-guard and sometimes suspicious of human kindness.

But, I also do really believe that that can change. 

One stem at a time...

PS- This is a video from my first round. Check back next week for the next installment :)

How I Overcome Mental Blockages (especially while prepping for my Kickstarter)

I'd say the hardest part about preparing for our Kickstarter launch has been mental.  Things can get overwhelming pretty quick when you're working towards a challenging goal. I thought I'd share a couple tips I use to help me keep my head up when I start to feel stressed or discouraged.

TIP 1: Use a Mantra

I have a kind of mantra I repeat in my head when I catch my stress level rising. It's a tool I picked up in a Passion Co. workshop last year consisting of four wishes I wrote for myself. I think its power lies in love. I meant it as a gift to myself, an opportunity to love myself the way I would love a friend. 

Each phrase begins "May I". Here's mine: "May I emanate love. May I experience joy. May I live with an open heart. May I reside in the present." I highly recommend writing one for yourself. It's quick, easy and endlessly helpful.  

TIP 2: Post a Visual Reminder 

I like to keep a few quotations in mind while I'm working to keep me calm, focused and happy. I post them in my work space or write them on a board as visual reminders.  These are the ones I regularly use:

May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me.

-Tracee Ellis Ross


No act is too small when done with gratitude.



I wasn't waiting, I was just standing here enjoying myself (in joy in myself).

-Ekhardt Tolle


With this upcoming Kickstarter launch as with anything, half the battle is mental. If you aren't able to keep your head up and enjoy the process, the dream you're working so hard to achieve can be in serious danger of getting pushed aside before it really even had a chance. 

Hope these ideas help you keep on keepin' on, too.