Need an activity the whole team will love?
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It was amazing! We had a very large turn out... Over 75% of our employees showed up!

This was an excellent way for people from different teams to collaborate on ideas and get creative in a fun environment. The feedback regarding the event was excellent from both our employees and our leadership team.

I would absolutely recommend The Bloom Equation to anyone looking for a fun company-wide team building activity.
— Lily McGowan, Office Manager
team building activity everyone will enjoy
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Unite Your Staff with a Fun Language of Flowers Team Building Activity 

Looking for a way to improve trust and/or communication in your workplace? 

We'll bring the team building to your workspace at a time convenient for your team and work with your office manager/point person to get staff excited to come out and play.  

Let us work our magic and put together an engaging activity that everyone will want to attend. Plus, everyone will walk away with new skills and a beautiful, flora-based creation. 

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