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In a world where creativity happens mostly over screens, we invite you to get your hands dirty creating something beautiful to be proud of. 

And then there's trust building. Through thoughtfully crafted activities, team members leave feeling closer, more amicable and more trusting, naturally.

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  • An increased sense of trust amongst team members.

  • Employees who work harder for the good of the team.

  • Something meaningful and flowery to take home or gift (complete with packaging).

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The feedback regarding the event was excellent from both our employees and our leadership team. Of course, there was the added bonus that everyone who participated got to their own terrarium to take home to keep on their desks! ...We even had several participants create meaningful terrariums to bring home to their partners as gifts :)

I would absolutely recommend The Bloom Equation to anyone looking for a fun company-wide team building activity.
— Lily McGowan, Chartboost
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Creating Something Beautiful with their Hands

When was the last time the people in your group got to create something beautiful IRL with their own two hands? Plus, with the option (and all the packaging materials) to gift their creation to someone they love, their labor is never wasted.

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Feeling Seen and Liked By Team Members

Via a guided, no-fuss activity with the language of flowers that allows the group to show their kindest selves without any big to-do or awkwardness

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Their Transformation into the Greatest Gift Givers of All Time

Via their new knowledge of the language of flowers, participants are taught everything they need to know to become naturally (or at least readily) thoughtful gift givers

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why use flowers for team building the language of flowers

By engaging emotional intelligence and employing tactics from the top team building coaches like Bill Campbell, we foster trust among team members. 

What does this have to do with flora? The language of flowers is a simple, unintimidating means of communicating. Being given a way to share without having to speak/write allows so much more to be said. The incorporation of flora into the final creative product ties the entire process together in an experience that comes naturally and easily.

team building workshops bay area
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 *Groups of 11-15 people enjoy a 10% discount per person; Groups of 16-25 people enjoy a 30% discount per person

team building activity everyone will enjoy
  • Most workshops are 90 minutes, although can run up to 2 hours with larger groups.

  • Parties smaller than minimum pay as though they met the minimum and are welcomed to create the extra remaining products to take home.

  • To keep prices fair, for groups less than six (where the minimum is less than six), we incorporate dried flora. In these cases, groups may request the exclusive use of fresh flora for an additional fee.

  • Your initial charge is a non-refundable deposit to hold your date. This charge will count towards your total.

  • Should you need to cancel, you can do it for a full refund less the deposit up to 30 days before. Up to a week before the event, you can cancel for a 50% refund of the total. Although we understand that things will happen-- sometimes at the very last minute-- we are not able to accommodate refunds for cancellations within a week of the scheduled event, as materials will have been purchased and all work will have been completed on our end. 

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