We are committed to making sure that your event is filled with love, fun, connection and a little bit of magic. We work hard to give you even more than you imagined possible with thoughtful, meaning arrangements and favors. 

Our Promises for Events:

  • You will be surrounded by meaningful beauty that makes you feel good.

  • You will feel good about the value you've received for your money.

  • You will feel taken care of and stress-free throughout the planning and execution of the florals for your event.

  • You will be given the opportunity to choose the meanings with which your flowers will be imbued AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

  • We will make as many pieces of your decor multi-functional as possible. These pieces will double as dedicated gifts with hand-written cards inscribed with your hand-picked flower messages AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. 

  • You will feel more connected to your guests (and your guests to you) through sentiments expressed in our gifts/favors.

bay area flower crown party workshop san francisco

Host a Flower          


Crown Party

Pick a spot and gather your besties for

the most magical flower crown party


- Flora imbued with special meanings

   using the language of flowers

- Includes activities that lead to a

   powerful creative experience 

- Language of Flowers mini-talk

- Learn to make flower crowns--

   a skill that'll make you a popular host

- Everyone walks away with a crown they

   love thanks to dedicated one-on-one

   time as desire

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