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What People Are Saying

...OMG, these gifts are so special that they make the receiver of the gift cry. In a good way. No, seriously.

Picture it:

You: “Here honey, I had this necklace made for you - the flowers symbolize beauty, resilience and strength...”

Her/Him: “OMG (sobbing with pride) I can’t believe this, this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever received...”

You: (Casually shrugging your shoulders) “No big deal, it’s just what I think of when I think about you...”

Tears for days. She’ll marry you now.

I have mine in a long chain and wear my necklace almost everyday whether it matches my outfit or not. If you want to have a wearable keepsake/piece that you will CONSTANTLY get complimented on, please do yourself the best of favors and get yourself a message in a bottle necklace.

— --Meghan W.

"I contacted Miquila and gave her some brief information about what I needed... She was able to convey exactly what I wanted to say, but with flowers instead of words!! My friends absolutely loved the gifts and I got major brownie points. " --Marie B.  


"If you're looking for a meaningful and unique gift for a loved one or anyone for that matter, this HAS to be the coolest idea I've come across in a while." --Anthony O. 


"The Bloom Equation... serves as a reminder of why we're here in the first place. In a world of Snapchats, Tinders and the emotional dystopia that is social media, this idea challenges us to engage with one another in a new and tactile way. It's really beautiful. I'm your biggest fan.." --Ryan M.


"OMG, I can't tell you how much I loved them and so did the girls. We all wore them all night, so comfortable and so many compliments. Thank you again for everything we loved the flower crowns, it made my wedding look complete!" --Monique C.


"Made my whole night!" --Brandy M. 


"The uniqueness drew me in instantly, but when I found out each flower also had a meaning I was absolutely sold! My cure for a broken heart necklace will always be close. It protects my heart!" -- Debbie P.


"Not only were they beautiful, but the most meaningful flowers I have ever received. The sentiment when you receive flowers is always nice, but to receive flowers that were tailored with a special message that was meant just for me made them even more special." --Cristina M.


"I have never received such an amazing bouquet. They nailed the meaning my husband asked them to curate. It brought tears to my eyes! I never want a bouquet from anywhere else. What did my husband start? LOL!" --Tricia C. 


"I gave the owner, Miquila, full creative control and she produced a truly beautiful product unlike anything I've seen!" --Emma C.