What People Are Saying


"The Bloom Equation... serves as a reminder of why we're here in the first place. In a world of Snapchats, Tinders and the emotional dystopia that is social media, this idea challenges us to engage with one another in a new and tactile way. It's really beautiful. I'm your biggest fan and can't wait for you to expand to Los Angeles." --Ryan M.  


"Made my whole night!" --Brandy M. 


"The uniqueness drew me in instantly, but when I found out each flower also had a meaning I was absolutely sold! My cure for a broken heart necklace will always be close. It protects my heart!" -- Debbie P.


"Gorgeous!" --Yarilis V.G.


"I have never received such an amazing bouquet. They nailed the meaning my husband asked them to curate. It brought tears to my eyes! I never want a bouquet from anywhere else. What did my husband start? LOL!" --Tricia C. 


"Beautiful!" --Lily M.